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In Indigenous Education & Governance (Tier 2) in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University

On September 1st, 2022, I became a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Indigenous Education & Governance (Tier 2) at Simon Fraser University. My research programme aims support a strategic localized vision with BC Indigenous Nations to: (1) challenge relations of domination and colonial complexities to support rematriation processes to strengthen self-determination in Indigenous research governance and education; (2) create a local exemplar through the creation of an Indigenous research framework and strategic plan for the development of an BC First Nations Research Council (exact model to be determined) for BC First Nations control of research in the province; and (3) provide solid recommendations to the university for strategic planning in order to enhance the experiences, recruitment, and retention of Indigenous graduate students in the province by meaningfully including Indigenous methodologies in supervisory research practices. 


My first step to enact the CRC research programme was to host a transdisciplinary Summit with distinguished BC First Nations women/gender diverse leaders and graduate student mentees. The heart of the Summit centred intergenerational leadership to strengthen and expand matriarchal leadership, mentorship and decision-making responsibilities that are integral to bringing balance to support research priorities for BC First Nations governance. We are now currently planning a second Annual Summit for June 2024


  • Strengthen and expand matriarchal leadership, mentorship and decision-making responsibilities that are integral to bringing balance to support research for BC First Nations self-governance. 

  • Create an alliance and strategy building opportunity with BC First Nations women leaders representing diverse communities, organizations and transdisciplinary expertise. 

  •  Invite interest to support the development of a regional BC First Nations Research Infrastructure & Jurisdiction Network (BCFNRIJ)

  •  Provide an intergenerational mentorship opportunity to support the educational and leadership aspirations of First Nations young women/gender diverse students attending the Summit. 

  •  Film key moments from Summit for research and knowledge mobilization purposes.


We are grateful to the following distinguished leaders who supported the development of the Summit and shared their wisdom and insight for BC First Nations research governance and rematriation needs:

  • Dr. Jo-ann Archibald, Professor Emeritus, UBC

  • Marny Point, Faculty, NITEP Lecturer, First Nations Language Program Instructor, UBC

  • Dr. Verna Billy-Minnabarriet, Senior Advisor to the Dean on Indigenous Education, UBC 

  • Cheryl Casimer, First Nations Summit Political Executive 

  • Dr. Dara Kelly, Assistant Professor, Beedie School of Business, SFU

  • Dr. Debbie Leighton-Stephens, Ts'msyen Sm'algax Language Authority & Wap Sigatgyet, Indigenous Education Department, School District 52.

  • Dr. Gwendolyn Point, The BC Assembly of First Nations

  • Jessie Williams, Director of Business Development and Communications, New Relationship Trust 

  • Barbara Wilson, Council of Haida Nation 

  • Rosalie Yazzie, BC First Nations Justice Council 

  • Dr. Jeannette Armstrong, Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies, UBC 

  • Dr. Sophie Pierre, Ktunaxa First Nation

  • Dr. Andrea Reid, Assistant Professor, Centre for Indigenous Fisheries, UBC

  • Dr. Lorna Wánosts’a7 Williams, Professor Emerita of Indigenous Education, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Victoria and Canada Research Chair in Education and Linguistics

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